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Officiant, Minister, Priest?

Then you've come to the right place!

Now take a deep breath and RELAX. This part of planning your wedding will be fun and stress-free.

Of everything that goes into making your wedding day special, it is the ceremony that you and your guests can remember most, so you can be sure that the words that we choose and that I compose will be meaningful, memorable and unique.

Your wedding ceremony should be an expression of the Love the two of you share. It is my privilege to help you express your own spiritual feelings and Love in your wedding ceremony.  I take great pride and delight in working with the two of you to ensure that each and every wedding ceremony is designed individually and creative.  Your ceremony should not be "one size fits all, cookie-cutter wedding".

Faith or Denomination

As a non-denominational and an interfaith minister, I believe that you should not have to compromise, in the short span of time you have, with words that do not relate to who you are. 

No matter what faith you followed as a child or adult - as a Catholic, Protestant, Jew, Muslim, Buddhist, Hindu, or no particular organized faith - you have been blessed with the gift of Love for life with another and that should override any other consideration - different faiths, different cultures, previous marriage.  We can include rituals and traditions from your faith, backgrounds and culture.

Nothing should get in the way of you having the wedding of your dreams, a special moment to be remembered for a lifetime!

You have total creative control yet we guide you expertly and gently. Of course, after your beautiful ceremony, we also take care of filing the marriage license and any other requirements. We always remember that we are here to serve you.

Attention To Details

I have also been told that being married by a woman minister made so much sense - because I could understand that level of emotion and attention to detail that goes into the planning of the ceremony.  I would think this is because almost every little girl dreams of her wedding from the time she is, like, born!  But seriously, I do take special care with each and every couple's ceremony in the details, wording and rituals that can be included.  I look forward to helping you plan yours!"

Marriage Prerequisites? 

And what about prerequisites or problems that you think may impact whether I will feel you are "fit" for marriage? Forget them all except those required by local, state, and federal law (if you choose a legal union as well). You will find no roadblocks here.

If you are in love, if you feel that you are meant to be together for life, then nothing else matters. I know that for many of you, this is a great relief.

Marriage Officiating Questions

Here is an example of the issues and questions that couples share with me that we resolve:

  • Our families are of different religions, we are just spiritual, how do we create a wedding ceremony that will please the families and still honor our feelings?

  • We are Catholic but because of divorce, we cannot get married in the Parish. Can we have a Catholic-style ceremony and have a wedding that our parent's will appreciate and be comfortable with?

  • We want a traditional ceremony but the location is non traditional. What can we do to make this wedding perfect, even if its in a hotel conference room?

  • Can we have just a short spiritual ceremony but provide all the elements that our guests will expect?

  • We have children that one or both of us are bringing into the marriage. How do we include them in the ceremony?

  • Can we get married now quietly for our personal purposes and have the ceremony for our family later? How do we do that? Who do we contact?

  • How do we combine different traditions, such as

    - coins, veil, and cording
    - breaking of the glass
    - jumping the broom
    - salt & bread
    - honey & dates
    - drinking a cup of wine
    - table ceremonies

    with a traditional service? How can we make this as Catholic as possible with these addititions?

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As a "wedding minister" or "wedding officiant" in the Raleigh Durham area, I spend a lot of time helping each couple plan their wedding ceremony. I have a pre meeting ceremony planning packet before we get together for our first consultation - which is free of charge.  Then, once I receive the signed Booking Agreement, we begin to craft a customized ceremony that is yours - and yours alone!