Baby Ceremonies

 A baby is a gift of hope and promise to ourselves and to the world at large. It is a continuation of the power of Life expressed in the new little face you hold before you. To honor and celebrate what has come from the Divine, to be given out to the world through you, is a very special moment in time for family, friends and most especially parents.

Baby Blessings are growing in popularity as parents are choosing to be creative in the use of the elements of their religions and belief structures. A new amalgam is evolving into very unique and special celebrations. Baby Blessings are about the hopes, dreams, joys and affections your new arrival has stirred within you and within those who hold you dear.

Christenings and Baptisms

People often ask about the difference between a Baptism and a Christening. There really is very little difference. The two terms used to be interchangeable, but over time the Baptism has retained the traditional religious significance of cleansing and saving the soul. The Christening has become more popular for ceremonies that involve naming and welcoming the baby.

As with any other ceremony of major significance in your life, the more personal elements you include, the richer will be the experience to yourselves and your guests.

Christening - Naming Ceremony

The purpose of a Christening or a Naming Ceremony is to honor an infant or a child by publicly proclaiming their name to the world. This is not a legal requirement but rather a loving tradition.

The main participants on this happy occasion are the child, the parents, 2 witnesses known as Godparents, and the Officiant. You may want to include other children or Grandparents, it's all up to you.

The symbols most often associated with this type of service are; candles, water, flowers, flower petals and incense. If requested, Holy Water from the Jordan River may be added. You may use all of these symbols or none of these symbols in your personalized Christening or Naming Ceremony.

Choose from many appropriate readings or create an original poem or verse for a close friend or relative to read during the rites. Select a location to compliment the intention; at a home, in a garden, by a pond, river or stream, in a church. Opt for a place that speaks of innocence and new beginnings, a calm and tranquil setting of serene beauty.

There are many options open for your child's welcome to the world, from extravagant to less-is-more.