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The following applies to this agreement:

  1. This agreement reserves officiating services by Peggy Elrod at the place, date, and time listed above to perform a wedding ceremony.
  2. This agreement is contingent upon receiving a COMPLETE and accurate Bride and Groom Information Form. Any changes in details require a new form to be submitted.
  3. All information in the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) applies to this agreement.
  4. In case of emergency, Peggy guarantees a substitute officiant for the event time and day listed above. This is to ensure that no matter what happens, you have an officiant to complete your wedding as planned.
  5. Fees paid are nonrefundable. Damages related to this agreement are limited to the total booking amount.
  6. Balance of fees are due two weeks prior to event date.

(Be sure to request a quote, fees vary.)

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