Create your personalized
wedding ceremony right here, online!

I specialize in helping you to create the special and personal wedding/civil union ceremony and vow renewals that reflect your wishes, experiences and interests.

You will want to decide exactly what type of ceremony you want: large or small, formal or casual. You may want the ceremony to be laced with tradition; to be filled with the personal touches that show the qualities and individualities of the two of you. You may know exactly what you want, but if not, I can provide some direction. As we work together, we will create a ceremony that you and your guests will remember and cherish.  

Here is a sample of some wedding vow and vows for a civil union. In bi-lingual ceremonies, a family member can participate if you like by reading the ceremonial words in another language.


The ceremony structure, choices and options offered below are presented as guidelines.  If you desire, facts about your relationship - how you met and fell in love, your friendship, dreams and goals can be included.  

To begin, choose Basic Parts of a Wedding Ceremony and start creating your personalized wedding ceremony.  Open Microsoft Word and copy this outline:

Basic Parts of a Wedding Ceremony
not all parts will apply in every ceremony

  • Processional
  • Introduction
  • Giving of the Bride
  • Pledge of Support
  • Parent(s)/Sponsors Involvement
  • Cording & Veil
  • Reading #1
  • Words on Love or Marriage
  • Blessing of Rings
  • Exchange of Rings & Vows
  • Reading #2
  • Charge to the Couple/Affirmation of Love
  • Prayer
  • Couple Unity Activity
  • Joining of the Children
  • Bridal-couple-only Communion/Eucharist (see above)
  • Nuptial Blessing
  • Pronouncement of Marriage
  • Announcement of Marriage
  • Benediction/Conclusion
  • Breaking of the glass (combined Christian/Jewish)
  • Jumping the Broom
  • Recessional
  • Receiving Line


OR Simply choose a ceremony from the list below and add your names: