Frequently Asked Wedding Ceremony Questions

How far in advance should I confirm a wedding officiate?

Many officiants, especially in the Washington DC area, book a year in advance. So book early

What about last minute requests?

As long as there is room in the schedule, last minute requests are fine. There are often circumstances that require last minute planning. Be sure to give me a call before you book your location so that I can share with you any experience I may have there.

Does it matter what religion we practice?

No. I serve you in a way that brings joy to your day. I am just comfortable serving you in the manner that helps you live out your own spiritual experience, whether devoutly Christian, Jewish, Muslin, atheist, or purely spiritual. It is common here in the Washington DC metropolitan area for the couple to be of different religious traditions. We work to ensure that both are represented as much as practical.

Can we have a non-religious, spiritual ceremony?

This is your choice. Many prefer a "spiritual" and not "religious" ceremony.

Can we have a dual religion/clergy ceremony?

Yes! I have conducted several ceremonies with other clergy - Jewish and other faiths. I have contacts with clergy of other faiths, if you need them.

Can we include elements of different religions and religious traditions in our ceremony?

Yes! These make for interesting, rich, meaningful ceremonies. I work with you and your various traditions to put together a ceremony that truly reflects your wishes.

Are there any pre-requisites such as counseling? 

No. But if the couple desires, counseling is available. I highly recommend that the couple purchase two copies of Marianne Williamson's "A Return to Love." Both should read the first four chapters independently, then compare highlighted passages and discuss those areas that each of you finds important.

Does it matter that either of us have been married before, divorced, have children or are already privately married and want to conduct a public ceremony ?

No. And if you have kids, how awesome! We have meaningful ways to include them in the ceremony. And you've been privately married previously, we'll keep it just between us.

Can we write our own vows?

Of course! I encourage you to personalize your ceremony as much as you wish. The more you personalize your ceremony, the greater experience it will be for the guests. Choosing readings, etc. that represent who you are as a couple is most effective.

Can I make changes to the example ceremony?

Yes. In fact, you can use the unique Create Ceremony feature of this website to create a personalized ceremony that you can then edit to meet your needs or review the example ceremonies for other ideas.

How is booking handled and how is the balance paid?

You are booked when we receive the $100 deposit and the booking agreement form. The balance, if any,  is paid at least two weeks in advance of the scheduled wedding. Payments can be made online here.
How do we get our wedding license?
The rules are different between states.
If getting married in Virginia, you both must appear at any Virginia courthouse and apply. You will get the license while you wait.
In Maryland, it it different depending on what county you are getting married in. Call the county and ask for the rules.
In Washington DC, UUGGHH! You have to get blood tests, choose an officiant on their approved list (which I am on their list), etc etc. Call the courthouse for details.

In all other states, call the local courthouse for specific instructions.

In all cases, no matter what state, to get official copies of your license, you simply wait a week, call the court to make sure they have the license signed by me, then follow their instructions to get copies.


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