Funerals & Memorial Services

Memorial Service

It is an absolute certainty that everyone who has taken a first breath, will take a last breath. When that happens a final or memorial service is always in order to the point of being a requirement of those still here. The ceremony is both a tribute and closure to the life lived on Earth. Every life affects other lives often in small ways, occasionally in life-changing ways. We are all unique and important enough to be celebrated in our living and in our dieing.

What is it that needs to be said? The loved one who has passed may have left specific instructions. In this case, they will be followed to the letter. If there were a few suggestions then they will be woven into a beautiful service. On the other hand, the deceased may not have given any hint at all of final wishes. The service may be limited to immediate relatives and close friends or attended by many. Which ever the case, I will construct and officiate at a calm, serene ceremony to reflect the life and accomplishments of the deceased.

What would you like to have said, on your passing, about you and the life you've lived? Is there a favorite song, poem or verse that speaks for you, reflects your opinions? Consider having your own service prepared. Think of that for a moment. Writing your own service means that what will be said is exactly what you want to be said, and at the same time it will help your family fulfill a monumental responsibility. There is no time like the present, while you are thinking clearly, to get started.