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Affordable Wedding Planning & Coordinating
Ellen Serving VA, DC, MD, NJ
(856) 607-7109

Planning with Excellence
Regina & Christopher  (703) 303-1880 

Memorable Events
Stephanie & Lisa, (703) 680-2957 
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Jim Dronenburg
Harperand Vocalist

Phone: (301) 834-6515

     First, a note about his harp. You will notice from the pictures that he does not have a concert harp, but rather a Celtic (Irish, Scottish, Welsh, folk) harp, which he normally plays in his lap. Although the harp is smaller than a concert harp, the sound is large and he can “fill” a large space (including out-of-doors) easily.
     Jim's repertoire is eclectic; he has a special interest in British and American folk songs. Jim can play and/or sing things from the period 13th C. on, through Elizabethan, 18th C. English and American, a fair bit of Civil War, and some things from the 1900’s-1930’s. Plus all the usual “classical”instrumental pieces and some show tunes.
      Jim lives in southern Frederick County, MD. His normal travel range extends to all of the Baltimore and the Washington DC metro areas. Jim has worked many times with Lance and their timing is seamless. Lance recommends Jim highly.


Cheryl Roeske

Phone: (301) 388-0133

     As guest artist with the Washington Philharmonic, Japanese Philharmonic, Washington Choral Society, and the Maryland Opera Theater, Cheryl has performed throughout Europe and the United States. Under the direction of Momo Kadous, she toured Germany as solo harpist with the internationally renowned Arabeska dance theater.
     Drawing on classical and contemporary influences, Cheryl expertly performs her repertoire on an exquisite gold Gothic harp. Its graceful curves and rippling harmonies bring serenity, elegance and romance to any event. The beauty of her music transcends language and cultural barriers as it speaks directly to the heart.
     She has worked with Lance many times with great results. Lance recommends her highly.



Adrienne Gifford


Why use Cello for your wedding?
With its rich sound and soaring melodies, Cello is truly your relationship!

If you are looking for string music for your special event, set the tone with the deep sonority of solo Cello. Select the samples below to hear how a solo Cello can set the perfect tone for your event.

Adrienne has samples of her music at her website.


Kristen Jepperson, Harpist/Vocals, (703)477-8158,

Jeremy Hutman, DJ, (301) 986-4640.

Bill Rowell, DJ,

John Willingham, DJ, (301) 753-1993.

Karen Devitt, Entertainment Exchange, (888) 986-4640,

Brian Litz Group, Bialeck's Music, (310) 340-6206,

Roseal Fowlkes, DJ Master T, (301) 856-8233,

Holly Avesian, Harpist, (703) 938-0511

Washington's Best Photo, Video, & Music, (202) 232-4942

Sunny Helms, Pianist, (301) 276-1245,
  She is wonderful! Her timing is PERFECT. She has a portable keyboard as well.

Celebrated String Quartet & Swing, (703) 265-0755, 

Chris Dunn, Classical Guitarist, (410) 243-4160,

The Calmes Trio, (Violin, Viola, Cello), Beth (703) 717-8394

DJ Manny V, Manny Vega,, (540) 455-3302 (Richmond to NoVa)


Rick 703-459-8802

David C. Miller, Reflections, Inc., (703) 734-1888,

Craig & Cathy Pardini, Pardini Photography, (240) 426-0089, 

Ted King, Video Productions, (301) 831-3500.

Amy Czelusniak Studios, Photographer, (703) 239-8864.

Brian Ashdown, Ashdown Photography, (540) 937-4737. 

Robin Templeton, Best Impressions Photography & Video, (703) 242-0130

Washington's Best Photo, Video, & Music, (202) 232-4942

Mark Hamilton, Hamilton Photography, (410) 336-2108

Webplan's Wedding Photographers


Ray Pereira, Catering by Uptown, (202) 483-2058.


Rolls Royce of Golf Carts

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