Sample Readings

To Love - Author Unknown
The Art Of A Good Marriage - Wilfred Arlan Peterson
Marriage Joins Two People In The Cirle Of Its Love - Edmund O'Neill
Marriage Means Being In Love for the Rest of Your Life - Chris Ardis
Kahil Gilbran ( From The Prophet )
Victor Hugo
From "The Strength to Love" - Martin Luther King, Jr.
On Love - Thomas a Kempis
True Love - Author Unknown
Author Unknown
To Be One With Each Other - George Eliot
Love Reflects Love in Return - The Divine Comedy by Dante
Author Unknown #2
Marriage Advice - Jane Wells
When a Man and a Woman Are in Love - Stephen T. Fader
From A Natural History Of Love - Diane Ackerman
Sooner or Later - Author Unknown
Irrational Season - Madeleine L'Engle
The Key to Love - Author Unknown
Marriage is love - Gloria Matthew
Author Unknown #3
The Promise - Heather Berry
Love Is Friendship Caught Fire - Laura Hendricks
Excerpt for "The Bridge Across Forever" - Richard Bach
True Friendship - Judy Bielicki
What is love? - Walter Rinder
Author Unknown #4
Eric Fromm
Carl Sandbury
The Apache Wedding Blessing
A Touch Of Heart - Author Unknown
Sonnet XXIV - William Shakespeare
Sonnet XVII - Pablo Neruda
Sonnett XLIII, from "Sonnetts from the Portuguese" - Elizabeth Barrett Browning
From The Gift of the Sea - Anne Morrow Lindbergh
The One - Bernie Taupin
Thoughts In a Garden - R. Gerhardt
The Covenant of Marriage - Author Unknown
I do - Author Unknown
Memories - Author Unknown
Tribute - Author Unknown
Two Souls, One Life - Author Unknown
Emily Dickinson
On Your Wedding Day - Nicholas Gordon
Never Marry But For Love - William Penn
The Most Wonderful Of All Things In Life - Sir Hugh Walpole
On Love - Thomas Kempris
Love Is A Great Thing - Thomas a Kempris
Love - Author Unknown
Letters - Rainer Maria Rilke
I Ching - Excerpt
Excerpt From "A Song For Hiawatha"
Eskimo Love Song - Author Unknown
Foundations Of Marriage - Regina Hill
Cherokee Prayer
The Bridge Across Forever - Richard Bach
Blessing For A Marriage - James Dillet Freeman
A Marriage - Michael Blumenthal
The Country Of Marriage - Wendell Berry


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