Services and Fees

We will discuss specific fees when we meet - but this I will say - my fees are in alignment with the quality and attention you receive! Some of you may only want a simple, vows only ceremony and others will want a more elaborate celebration of your love. Once we decide on what you want, we will discuss a fair and equatable honorarium. To give you a ballpark, fees begin at around $350 plus mileage within the Charlotte  city limits for a vows-only ceremony, no customization. Most customized weddings average around $400.

I work hard for YOU to ensure that you are happy with the outcome of your special day. My ceremonies are unique, heartfelt and joyful. And - they are all about you, your love and your relationship.

Doing close to 200 weddings a year, I am on top of the lists of most wedding venues including: The Van Landingham Estate, The Morehead Inn, St. Mary's and Belk Chapels, Ballantyne Resort, and Stowe Botanical Gardens, to name a few. Also most of the better a country clubs, all of the local hotels, as well as with most of the folks in the wedding business - the caterers, photographers, florists and wedding planners and coordinators consistently refer me when asked for officiant recommendations. My weddings have appeared on TV and I have been profiled in Today's Charlotte Woman Magazine and Carolina Bride - so when you hire me, you are hiring Charlotte's Premier Wedding Officiant.

Please call soon, as I am already booking into next year, and we want to have plenty of time to plan your dream wedding!

I do charge a "mileage" fee (currently $1.00/mi.) to drive to locations more that 10 miles outside of the Charlotte City Limits, due to the rising costs of fuel. I use Google Maps when calculating mileage.

Regarding Rehearsals:

Although I normally attend rehearsals, I am not a wedding director. There are professional directors to do that job. The officiant can't do both jobs and be in two places at once (i.e. at the front with the groom and in the back with the bride) and if you want your wedding day to run smoothly, you need a separate person to organize the actual wedding party. If you were getting married in a church, the church would have you hire one of their directors for that purpose, or the director would be included in the fee for renting the church. I can recommend several directors with whom I have worked over the years. The average cost of a director is between $250 - $500. I also have names of wedding planners and coordinators.

I WILL work with your director and make sure they have a copy of the final ceremony for the rehearsal if I cannot personally attend the rehearsal due to a conflict with an evening wedding or another rehearsal.

The stress you save yourself by having a professional director will be well worth the expense!