Types of Weddings


There are no limits on creativity when it comes to weddings. Every couple is different and the differences are what make your special day unique. There isno right or wrong, so let your personal desires take the lead. What is of the utmost importance is that the heartfelt emotions you bring to your ceremony be well reflected to yourselves and your guests. Everything else will grow naturally from there.

Do not hesitate to use anything about yourselves or your beliefs that is special, unique or personally important. Your guests have come to see you celebrate your love and commitment and your wedding is the perfect time to show them who you are and how you feel.

Vow Renewals

How touching it is when a couple decides to reaffirm the bond that has held them together for years. They are obviously doing something right and we all happily watch as they go about their lives enjoying each other's company.

Vow renewals are as unique as the couple involved. The new ceremony can be a duplicate of the original or something entirely new and different that incorporates the family that has grown up around you and the love and wisdom you have gained through the years. You might even be able to create the dream wedding that circumstances did not allow the first time around. Either way, your desire to honor the past as you look forward to the future is the foundation for a very moving ceremony. You are stating to yourselves and to the world at large that you love each other so much you want to do it all again...together.

Commitment Ceremonies

As our world evolves into a wider acceptance of people as they are, new sincere and loving relationships are appearing on the scene for recognition. Some couples choose to forego the normal route of legalization and choose instead to speak to the deep commitment they feel within their hearts. Same gender couples who wish to be married are still not recognized in most states, yet they too desire to celebrate the love and commitment they feel within their hearts.

Love and commitment are true gifts of the Spirit and are not to be wasted or overlooked. They deserve to be honored and respected for the joys they bring to the lives of those who share them. The deep commitment that this kind of ceremony addresses celebrates the hearts and minds that request it. Sincerity is the key here for the bond that holds without a legal sanction is indeed a natural bond.